Looks like you found us.    

Don't mind the mess--we are still under construction.  But, please, have a look around! Just know that if info seems missing, it is, we're still filling it in.  And if it's confusing, hang on, we're fine tuning! 

Bet you're here because you're a family member or friend, and you heard KiddyUp Games is cooking up something interesting. Or maybe you read about us on a blog or tech site, or just happened upon our site through a random internet search.  

Well, however you got here, we're very glad to have you. And we are, in fact, fixing to reveal something very big, very soon: our first app through the iTunes store will be released this summer.  We've been working hard in between full-time jobs and kid rearin', and now we're very nearly done.  

Before we can release, though, we need to get the darn thing fine tuned. And this is where we could really use your help. We are looking for Beta testers.  If you are willing to try out a couple of our games and send us feedback, we would love your assistance.  You can read more about the process of Beta testing, what it is and how to sign up, in the pre-release area of our site. 

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you can join us.